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Giansalvatore Mecca
Dipartimento di Matematica, Informatica ed Economia
Università della Basilicata
C.da Macchia Romana
85100 - Potenza
tel. +39 0971 205855
fax. +39 0971 205896

Short CV

Giansalvatore (Gianni) Mecca, born in Potenza, is full professor (professore ordinario) at the Department of Mathematics, Computer Science of Economics of Università della Basilicata. He graduated with honors in Computer Engineering from Università di Roma "La Sapienza" and received his PhD, also from "La Sapienza", under the supervision of Paolo Atzeni. He is with Universita' della Basilicata from 1995, first as a research associate and then as an associate professor. He also had visiting appointments at the University of Toronto, Qatar Computing Research Institute, Arizona State University, and Universita' Roma Tre.

His research interests include data quality, data analytics, data integration, and information extraction. He has also worked on cooperative database systems, string databases, deductive databases, and object-oriented databases.

He teaches various courses in Computer Programming, Databases, and Web Development, for the Computer Science and the Computer Engineering degrees of Università della Basilicata.